Attending the Orchestra: the three Attributes

Everything needs to be done once for the first time. Attending the Orchestra concert might be a regular occasion popping up in your monthly planner, but there are also those who have just received the invitation for the first time. To attend a concert on the likes of Orchestra or Symphony Concerts you cannot be as casual as that of attending the Marilyn Manson show. It says your behavior is your identity and a symphony concert is a right place to project your attitude and stand. Dress is the primary attribute: The question of what to wear and what not to can actually make you late to arrive at the concert, which itself will lead to the first mistake. Therefore, be clear about what you should wear beforehand. Many might argue to keep the attention on the music rather than the dress, but the dress you wear itself determines the level of your attention. It is important because the moment you feel you are not dressing right, you might lose the very reason to attend the concert. Determining what to wear is primarily dependent on the start time of the concert. For afternoon concerts, Pants and jeans are fine for Women. It is better to avoid sparkling dresses and jewelries in this time. However, women should wear fancier or dressier tops than just T shirts to pair with the lowers. For Men, jeans or slacks with a button down shirt would be fine. Evening concerts offer broader dressing options. Long and short dresses are better options along with dressier pants, skirts or a blouse for women. Sparkling dresses and jewelries would be a fine option. For men, along with dressier jeans with a blazer, suits and ties are perfect. Avoid T shirts. Along with time, the occasion or the objective of the concerts is also important. Do not wear casual dress or jeans for charity and special events. Black is a good choice of color in such concerts. For men, black tie, black suits, tux or tails are posh options. Remember, higher the cost of the ticket, better and dressier you wear to the concert. Dress is a strong aspect to feel comfortable both physically and mentally in the concert. Valuing time is the next best etiquette: Always arrive early in symphony concerts. This is because you might not be allowed to enter in the middle of a symphony and you will have to wait until the number ends. Keep in mind that the first symphonies are generally the famous ones and symphonies are always lengthy. Thus, you will have to deal with a number of irritants if you do not arrive early. Arriving early will let you avoid any rush in the nick of the time.

 Next question is when to applaud: This would need a prior knowledge of the concert. A symphony or an Orchestra concert comprises of three or four movements, namely, Allegro, Andante, Adagio and Vivace. Do not applaud after each movement; wait until the entire symphony is over. Take the help of the program guide beforehand to know about the movements, or keep an eye on the conductor. A concerto is complete only when the conductor lowers the hands. Wondering how to attend a symphony or what to wear in such a concert is very normal as certainly there will be people to judge your etiquettes in the show. Attending a symphony concert is not only about enjoying what others are; it also about let others enjoy who you are. Therefore, be there right.