Aston Martin and New Airbus ACH130 are in Collaboration on This Absolutely Gorgeous Helicopter

Aston Martin has collaborated with European Multinational Aerospace Corporation to give an Airbus chopper a new taste. It is a regular Airbus ACH130 helicopter, which now comes with AM customization.
Available in four signature designs, Aston Martin has created a range of interior and exterior designs for the ACH130 that are inspired by the automaker’s flagship GT car DB11.
Aston Martin left its mark throughout the cabin, with a special edition plaque located on the instrument panel, sets of its iconic wings embossed on leather surfaces, and the same brogue detailing used in the DB11 car embellishing the copter’s seats. Designers also selected interior colours from the Aston Martin palette, including Oxford tan, pure black, cormorant and ivory.
Airbus Corporate Helicopters
The badging of both Aston Martin and Airbus is visible on the ACH130 chopper. Each helicopter will get its edition number, badges, and personalized owner’s name on it. It is not clear how many of the ACH130s will go on sale. Although the price is yet to be revealed, it is sure that the AM customized Airbus ACH130 is only for a few specific customers.
After the partnership with Airbus, Aston Martin has not left anything to make its place in the super-luxury sector.