Anil Ambani’s flying castle is worth 73 million dollars!

India Billionaires might not be on the 10 top ten global list, but some of them, especially the Ambani brothers, seem to leave no stones unturned in a race to expensive possessions. For billionaires, Private Jets have been one of the most sensible properties. A class of business Indian business tycoons are buying exclusive Jet planes to fulfil their business needs and cravings for luxury.

Among Mukesh Ambani’s uber-expensive luxury possessions, his Boeing Business Jet 2, aka BBJ2, beats all other Indian Billionaires. This is of course, apart from his most expensive luxurious home in Mumbai. His brother, Anil Ambani has a Bombardier Global Express XRS. This jet is not as expensive as that of BBJ2, but it is still comparable in terms of luxury customizations. Anil Ambani is the richest billionaire in India.

Boeing Business Jet 2 certainly does fulfill Anil Ambani’s business requirements and personal taste. This private jet has provisions for 78 passengers on board. The floor area of more than 93 square meters houses several luxury amenities like executive lounge, private offices and suites as well as bedrooms. This Jet is developed for both professional and personal luxury. The living areas inside are built with an aesthetics that fulfill the special needs of families like child friendliness and spaces for pets.

Also, there is adequate provisions for customized interior decoration. The jet provides a 7,030 Kg load of additional allowance for customization. Mr. Ambani’s Jet has additional boardroom and plush executive seats as tailored modification.

The private Jet is a USD 73 Million property. It is a state of art avionics wonder, which is synonymous to a flying castle. It is equipped with Rockwell Collins Series 90 digital avionics system. It has several impressive features like Cockpit Voice Recorder, Enhanced Vision system, enhanced ground proximity warning system, Digital flight data acquisition unit and many more. BBJ2 is a dual engine craft. It has two CFM-56-7B27.