An Army Of 60,000 Bees Create Amazing Honeycomb Nefertiti Statue And It’s On Sale For $46,200

Bees are pretty good at sculpting honeycombs. Bees just got that much more awesome, as they can now called artist after becoming a part of Tomas Libertíny’s latest creation—a bust of Nefertiti that was created by a whole lot of worker bees.

Meet Tomas Libertiny of Studio Libertiny, a Slovakian artist currently living and working in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, who creates art to explore the beauty and intelligence of nature, probing into the existential questions of the human mind, studying the relationship between man and nature.

For the past 2 years, Libertiny has been working on one of his latest projects—a bust of Queen Nefertiti of Egypt that he called Eternity. Except, instead of going the traditional route of using more conventional materials for sculpting, like clay or metal, he chose beeswax.

He got a bunch of bees—about 60,000 of them, to be precise—to help him. Yep, what you see here is an all-natural creation made by bees, with a little structural guidance by Tomas.

He designed and built a 3D frame of a Nefertiti bust, which looks cool as it is, but then he employed some bees to start building a honeycomb around it. The framework was specifically designed in a way to provide structural integrity and streamline the bees’ honeycomb design.

This is just one of many of Libertiny’s beeswax creations as there's an entire series Made By Bees.

Before this, he also built Unbearable Lightness, a full statue of a human, The Honeycomb Amphora, which is exactly what it sounds like, and a number of other honeycomb-inspired works.

The Nefertiti bust will still be on display in the Rademakers Gallery, and seeing as lockdown restrictions may apply, your best bet will be checking out Tomas’s artwork in their virtual tour around the gallery. Oh, and fun fact, the Rademakers Gallery is also selling it for €38,000 or $46,200, if you want this bit of art in your collection. Don’t worry, bee’s wax is said to be a resilient material—just make sure nobody noms on it!