Alba White Italian Truffle, The King of Truffles

18 Truffles have always been on the top of the expense chart in the culinary world. The reason is its rarity, as they grow only in natural condition and if cultivated artificially, truffles lose the savor. Amongst truffles, Alba White Italian Truffle is the King of all. This exceptional breed comes from only a single corner of the globe, from the wilds of Alba, a small Italian town to the north of the Mediterranean heaven. The forest of Piedmont region surrounding the town is where these mesmerizing diamonds of the culinary world occur. What makes them unique? Sublime aroma and the one-of-a-kind flavor of Alba Truffles make them the grand legatee of the esteem they carry on. Its gastronomically unique flavor intoxicates the mind and binds a soul to its delicacy. Prized for its aphrodisiac and medicinal qualities these truffles are exclusive for the echelons at the zenith. They are considered best within three days of harvesting.

The Hunting ground for Alba White Trufle in Wilds of Pidmoint Italy The reason of its exorbitance The price of Alba While Truffles is akin with its quality and more to its quantity as they are a limited produce of nature. The facets that make Alba White truffles unique conspire its exorbitance. However, a substantial reason is its sporadic occurrence in nature. These truffles transpire in the distinctive environs slow and hushed. To mature it takes years. They grow beneath the earth about a foot below in symbiosis with only old Oak or Hazelnut trees. Thus, they remains invisible! The only way to harvest Truffles are well trained sniffing dogs, although, there are historical instances of pigs being used for the purpose. However, porkers are not inked as they destroys and consume the truffles themselves.

Truffle Hunt Historic Developments of Truffle Fairs:  Truffle Fairs have historic origins in Langhe of Italy since 1928 as harvest festival. In 1929, Giacomo Morra who organized the celebration a year before materialized it as an “Exhibition Competition of famous Truffles in Langhe”. The fair has been organized since then, which evolved as an Italian cultural, artistic and sporting ceremony. Nevertheless, since the inauguration of Truffle Fair in New York in 2013, the world of Truffles acknowledged an official recognition. Price Range A couple of years ago, 1.51 Kilogram of White Alba Truffles were sold to a Hong Kong couple at over $160,000. It was sold at the Sotheby’s auction and was deemed as the World’s Largest Alba White Truffle. Alba_International_White_Truffle_Fair__Fototeca_ENIT – 2

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