A Pro Guide To What Makes Furniture So Expensive?

Million time its been asked….“what makes furniture so expensive?” It’s a good question. Here a pro guide to why furniture cost so much. Below are the top things that drive the cost of furniture.

1.    THE COST OF ORIGINALITY:  Countless hours are spent developing, designing and making prototypes of furniture.  The trial and error to develop original designs is extensive.  If you have ever purchased an original or handcrafted artisan piece, you know that they are well-made and timeless in design, as well as only a few exist in the world—Limited editions.  When something is made in small numbers, like it is for high-end goods be it handbags, cars or furniture, the cost goes up exponentially.

2.    SUPERIOR QUALITY: The quality of materials used in making furniture set its cost.  The more expensive pair is going to be made from real leather; it will have better shaping, better padding and more solid construction than the less expensive pair. It will be there for you through thick and thin, sun and rain – and you can always go get them spruced up at the cobbler when they need a face-lift.

3.    SMALLER MARKET APPEAL: Desire to have exclusive furniture made for small purchasing group increase the cost of furniture. The cost to make customized furniture and in small numbers affects the pricing dramatically. On another note, it’s not just the custom and small numbers alone, the quality of the materials and the attention to all the small details makes that furniture stand out in the field of sameness.

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4.    TIMELESS DESIGN: Some people have an eye for timeless design and quality. Long after the purchase, you have a well-made, durable, sustainable piece of furniture to last for decades and its comfortable. So this actually is another reason why furniture is so expensive, you buy better pieces designed by designer or known brands, which held up for lifetime.

5.    SUSTAINABLE FURNITURE: Cost of using sustainable goods from responsible companies is higher. Furniture made from wood that comes from responsibly managed forests, salvaged and transported from long distance is costly. Finding and transporting reclaimed timbers takes a lot of time thus the timber wood used in home interiors makes it sustainable. End note: sustainable furniture costs a little more.

6.    ARTISTIC QUALITY: Many of the exclusive furniture brands have some incredible master artisans work with them to handcraft every single furniture model. Artistic quality and uniqueness of a piece of furniture can make it expensive.