“A new day is on horizon”, Oprah Winfrey becomes first African-American women to win Golden Globe

The Golden Globe award ceremony certainly made a way forward to a new ear adding a star name into its winner’s list. For the first time in the award’s history it was presented to an African-American woman. Oprah Winfrey, philanthropist, actress and businesswoman, was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Award as an appreciation of her contribution to entertainment. Presenting the award to Winfrey, the Golden Globe Enterprise proved that the award has moved forward from being just for movies, actors, and actresses.

Winfrey, with a net worth of USD 2.8 billion is also the first and only billionaire to win the award this season. She started her speech remembering her time as a young girl back in 1964, watching Sidney Poitier, becoming the first African man to win the Golden Globe award. Oprah Winfrey encompassed a wide range of issues from feminism, harassment, apartheid, justice and many more in her speech. It ended with the philanthropist appealing all girls watching her on the stage to know that a ‘new day is on the horizon’.

She said in this new day ‘a lot of magnificent women’ and ‘some pretty phenomenal men’ would take to a time where nobody would have to say, ’me too, again’. In the backstage interview Winfrey had several revelations. She said, the greatest lesson she learnt came from Maya Angelou, the African Writer and philosopher. Winfrey was humbled accepting the Golden Globe award.

On the 75th annual Golden Globes awards was presented to several actors, directors, producers, and production houses. The best actress in motion picture was awarded to Frances McDormand. Guillermo del Toro won as the best director, while Gary Oldman won the best actor award for his performance in Darkest Hour.