5 Ways To Add Personality To Your Home

It’s important to make your home a place of comfort, where you can feel calm, happy and protected. Styling your home can be a big investment, so why not decorate it by adding your personality and lifestyle. Here’s 5 ways to add personality to your home.

Give Your Floor A Hug With A Rug: Rugs are an essential decorating tool anyway. Like wallpaper, they can add colour, texture and/or pattern. And they help to delineate a space too. Show your floor some love by laying down a bright and beautiful rug. A bold pattern in a duo of colours is particularly striking and will instantly add style to any room.

Add Artwork And Antiques: Artistic features are highly personal and can conjure up happy memories and emotional experiences. Adding art to the walls is your chance to add real personality and your own taste to your home. After all, there really is nothing worse than four blank walls. Before getting out the hammer though, spend some time deciding your style when displaying art. Do you favour random photograph galleries? Symmetrical grids of identical sized frames? Or one huge statement artwork. And consider the subject matter too. Galleries look best when the subject matter, or the frames, or the colours, have something in common. There are lots of sites online now that not only sell art, but suggest combinations of pictures, appropriate pairings, and even how to hang them.

Add Your Favorite Flowers: Studies show that nature can reduce stress and improve cognitive thinking, as well as boost our overall wellbeing. "A great idea is to save flowers from special events (snip off the stems) and put them in a large bowl. Most flowers will dry beautifully and you will have a beautiful bowl for display that also smells great. Adding in fresh flowers in vases will also help brighten a home, and if you are lucky to have an outdoor garden or terrace, you can even plant a few yourselves!

Put Your Hobby On Display: If you’re a musician, go ahead and store your instrument(s) up on the wall. When new friends stop by, it will act as an easy conversation piece, and you’re more likely to actually pick up your guitar when it’s right out in the open. The same goes for art supplies or a camera collection—surround yourself with what you love.

Own Your Space: If your home has a lot of outdoor space, take advantage of it. "If you have a yard, you can customize your own garden or build a backyard fire pit and host BBQ parties. Plus, gardening can lower stress and help you eat healthier and cook more. Plant tomatoes, herbs, and even strawberries, as well as beautiful flowers. Setting up lounge chairs and umbrellas for when warmer weather hits can make for fun, social gatherings and creating a meditation area can help you de-stress, take in the sun's rays and get ready for the day ahead.


What’s your ways to add personality to your home. Share you ideas and photos in the Comments below.