5 things that make your House classy

Owing a villa or a house with marble pillars is a posh way to live. However, such a building should also have enough furnishings, equipment or paraphernalia that bear the insignia of luxury living and high society. There are several aspects standing out as status symbol in modern society. These are the chattels that makes home a classy space, speaking of its own. Here are 10 accessories that transform any home to a classy living space.

1. Aga Cooker

These is an aged old status symbol that is still of much relevance. Cooking in an Aga is almost obsolete as there are many dishes that are more than just hectic to be cooked in this oven. Older and rustier the better. An old inherited Aga running on oil or gas is a pure sign of family heritage and high status. Imagine the ‘class’ of a large living room cum kitchen opening up to a lawn or a large window, while a pair of huskies roll lazily by the side of that rugged Aga.

2. Saggy Sofas

Without a saggy sofa at home, class is literally, absent. However, an important etiquette to note is to have a real sofa that resembles a design of a kingly seat. Per top etiquette masters only sofas with “sag in the middle” works fine with the definition of high-class society. Such sofas are not comfortable to seat at all. Hence, it is more of a showpiece than being a comfortable place to rest.

  1. Horses

Riding is related to being healthy and living an expensively athletic life. Owning a stable and a pair of horses means a real classy home, which is more than just a house. It means, you own an estate and afford all expenses for maintaining clean horses and a stable. Horses also means, the home would have several riding gadgets and fashion accessories hung on walls. They are real showpieces that depicts charms of classy lifestyle.

  1. Silver Photo frames, silver statues or handicrafts

Silver photo frames, handicrafts or small birds are the classy gadgets and goods that make a home ideally posh. While large silver frames are something depicting anniversaries, birthdays, with memories associated with them, handicrafts and statues adds to the aesthetics of the interiors. They make a room alive turning to harmonious spaces for luxury living.

  1. Canteen cutleries, Decanters

Owning a personal canteen means the collection of cutleries and cooking wares. Class always means heritage as it is something passed on from generation to generation. Kitchen cutleries are goods that carries a heritage along with them being the bearer of class and posh identity of a house as well as its owner. A modern addition to it are the glass decanters, which are must haves for millennial homeowners. More specific the decanters are for diverse drinks, the better it is.