2021 Global Reptrak Report; Rolex and Ferrari made it to the top 10 while Lego topped the list

The Global RepTrak 100 showcases how people feel, think, and act towards companies globally. For over a decade, The RepTrak Company has ranked the top 100 most reputable companies to celebrate global reputation leaders.
Almost one in five of the top 100 globally reputable companies are luxury brands.
Toy manufacturer Lego has emerged from the coronavirus pandemic as the world’s most reputable brand, according to new research.Lego, which was founded in Denmark in 1932, topped the Global RepTrak 100 index for the second year in a row. Lego was followed closely by Rolex, which notched a 79.6, and Ferrari, which came away with a 78.8.
The legendary Swiss watchmaker and Italian sports car specialists were joined in the top 10 by the Bosch Group (78.1), Harley-Davidson (78.1), Canon (77.6), Adidas (77.6), the Walt Disney Company (77.5), Microsoft (77.1) and Sony (77.0).
The index measures world-leading brands’ corporate reputation based on factors including people’s willingness to buy, recommend or trust a company.
RepTrak analyzed more than 2000 firms and based its rankings on 68,577 respondents to online surveys collected globally across the world’s 15 largest economies from December through January.
A brand must have global revenue above $2.6 billion and achieve a “global average familiarity threshold above 20 per cent” in eight or more of the 15 countries measured in order to be validated for the Top 100 list.
German discount supermarket chain Aldi, which this year marks 20 years in Australia, was the highest-ranking supermarket on the list at 65, followed by Costco at 78.
World’s richest man Jeff Bezos’ Amazon(73.1) came in at 92 on the list despite recent scandals around the treatment of its workers, including revelations that delivery drivers in the United States are under such time pressure that some are forced to resort to peeing in bottles.
“For companies, the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in “seismic shifts in societal engagement and corporate citizenship expectations, and acute uncertainty about the future,” the RepTrak report said.
The crisis has shown that successful firms must prioritise the needs of five stakeholders, that is, Customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders which are crucial to success for companies in a post-pandemic world.
“COVID-19 has shown that unexpected events and simmering issues aren’t only areas of concern; they are sources of opportunity.” it said.
“Business leaders will continue to face increased pressure to incorporate evolving stakeholder perspectives and voices, especially those of employees, into their oversight and decision-making,” they added.
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