10 Best Style Books You Need To Have On Your Shelf And In Your Mind

Books are a storehouse of knowledge. They offer the best education a man can receive. If you’re looking to do some reading that’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of dressing well and looking great, these are the best style books you need to have on your shelf and in your mind.

1. Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion by Alan Flusser: Dressing the Man is the most important book ever written about men’s style. It’s the bible. The I Ching. And if you’re serious about menswear, it’s the book that won’t even make it onto your bookshelf, because you’ll never be able to put it down. Written by the acclaimed menswear critic Alan Flusser, Dressing the Man moves away from trends and focuses on helping you create a timeless wardrobe that will look as stylish today as it will five, 10 or even 30 years from now.

2. Permanent Style: The Style Guide by Simon Crompton: Simon Crompton is one of the most celebrated menswear bloggers in Britain. His blog, Permanent Style, attracts the most discerning men, and the book is a curated selection of his finest work packed into a limited release softcover. He created a book so enchanting that most readers view it as a work of art. In it, he examines the very best that British clothing has to offer and focuses on educating readers through vivid photography that will inspire you by showcasing why London always has and always will be the pulse of classic men’s fashion.

3. True Style by G. Bruce Boyer: If you’re interested in learning about the history of menswear, this is the book for you. But it’s not just about history, as this book will also provide all kinds of incredible tips that’ll help you put together stylish outfits. G. Bruce Boyer is an incredibly skilled fashion expert, and the advice offered in True Style will help you look your best.

4. Men and Style: Essays, Interviews & Considerations by David Coggins: The book is a collection of essays and interviews about the world of menswear. The different perspectives offered in the book make it an invaluable piece to add to any style-conscious man’s collection. You’ll learn about the mistakes made by those who came before, which will help you improve your daily life.

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5. 100 Years of Menswear (mini edition) by Cally Blackman: The title is probably this book’s best descriptor. A treasury of menswear as it has progressed over the last one hundred years. Image-rich, fashion historian Cally Blackman curated this compendium of some of the rarest and most important photographs throughout history. A focus on organic progression, it is inspiration for those of you who prize classic style over contemporary trends and fast fashion.

6. Effortless Outfits by Robert Van Tongeren: Effortless Outfits is all about understanding how to match your clothing. In order for an outfit to look good, all of the pieces need to play off of each other, and this book will teach you everything you need to know about making take happen. The book has a solid 4.8-rating on Amazon from over 100 reviews, so it’s definitely worth a read if you find yourself struggling to put together outfits that work.

7. Style and the Man by Alan Flusser: Another gem from Alan Flusser, Style and the Man is a reference guide and roadmap for those wanting to step up their style game. Standing shoulder to shoulder with other luminaries of men’s fashion like G. Bruce Boyer, GQ magazine once said that “if you dispense income on clothes, this book is indispensable.” We tend to agree.

8. The Details: Iconic Men’s Accessories by Josh Sims: The Details examines the accessories that can make or break an outfit and helps guide you to selecting the best accessories to complement your wardrobe and personal style. Not only does author Josh Sims focus on practical fashion tips, but he details the history of each accessory and how it has helped to shape sartorialism over the years.

9. The Italian Gentleman by Hugo Jacomet: Written by fashionable Frenchman Hugo Jacomet, the tome offers a first timer’s guide to the world of sprezzatura, and points you in the direction of shops and tailors where you can get a taste of it for yourself.

10. The Laws of Style by Douglas Hand: Known to many as “The Fashion Lawyer,” Douglas Hand spends his days representing designers when it comes to trademarks and the like. His first book, The Laws of Style, breaks down the cornerstones of professional dressing, which makes this the ideal gift for a recent grad.